Tungsten Cheburashka

Tungsten cheburam

1-3 D.D.

Tungsten selectable "cheburashka" for spinning in black. Tungsten cheburashkas are characterised by their heaviness, being up to 50% smaller than lead cheburashkas of the same weight. The compact size of the weight makes it much faster and more efficient in getting to the feeder. The aerodynamic shape of the weights makes them cast much farther and more accurately than conventional headhooks. Tungsten is much more sonorous than lead or base metal, when you hit it on the feeder, rocks or a bead on the system, it will make a sound that will attract fish more. With this weight you will be able to control the bait much more efficiently and sensitively, as it is attached to a loose link. The lures are heat-painted, so the paint stays on for a long time.

Pasirinkite norimą weight
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