Tokyo Rig x2 spinning system

1-3 D.D.

Tokyo Rig x2 - system with two tungsten weights, a glass bead in the middle and a hook. Designed for perch, sturgeon. When fishing with the Tokyo Rig system, the chances of snagging on feeder snags are reduced. Tungsten weights have good aerodynamic properties, resulting in a farther cast than lead weights. Tungsten weights also do not deform like lead weights. The weights strike the bead on both sides, creating a sound that attracts the fish. Tungsten weights are far superior to lead weights, not only because of their smaller appearance (up to 50% smaller than lead weights), which is less intimidating to fish, but also because of their hardness, which produces a much stronger sound when hitting the feeder than lead weights, and which is much more enticing for fish.

Pasirinkite norimą weight
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