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  • Boiler stopwatch FL


    Buoy tracker FL - used in a hair system to capture buoys. Available in a choice of yellow and white colours. 200 pieces per pack.

    Length - 57mm
    Width - 50mm

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  • Beads Atora 6mm


    Ceramic beads are used for tying systems. Mostly used for tying feeder-gum in in-line systems.

    Package contains 30 pieces.
    Diameter - 6mm

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  • Boiler brake with wax GURU


    A quick stop for the hair system with a cap.

    Video overview ...

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  • Feeder system Prof Montaz Elite 40-60g


    Elite Feeder System - Feeder system with a sliding swivel and two hooks with a hair system.
    The system is tied on a sturdy LeadCore leader and has sharp carp hooks.
    The capacity of the feeder is quite large, it will hold a lot of bait and will be spread out in the area you are fishing

    System length - 40cm
    Available weights - 40g, 50g, 60g

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  • Orange Fishing No.43 Feeder Fishing System


    Orange Fishing Feeder Method Feeder System Nr43

    Hooks: Kumho (Korea) - No.8 with hair
    Lidkor: OCKERT - 40cm(45lb)
    Leads: braided line ORANGE Carp x8
    Feeder: feeder Method Boat

    Available in 40 or 50g.

    The Method Feeder system is quality tied on a strong and sinking leadcore leader. Sharp hook with attached hair system for fishing with boilies, wafters or other baits. The system is ideal for feeder fishing for carp, bream, tench and other fish.

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  • System for carp fishing Prof Montaz 50g


    Carp fishing system - the system is tied on a Leadcore leash with a 50g feeder floating on it. The Pinto Walleye leash is tied to a strong carp hook with a hair system. Everything is tied with high quality and ready for fishing. Simple and convenient.

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  • Hair system with hair cap FL


    This set contains 3 tied hooks with hair system, a set of plastic buoy attachments and a wax.
    A good helper for carp or other game fish when fishing with the hair system.

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  • System for carp fishing Prof Montaz 30-50g


    Prof Montaz
    The system is tied with a Leedcore leash, to which a sliding swivel is attached, and sturdy carp hooks with a hair system. The position of the top hook can be adjusted. Quality tied and ready for fishing. Convenient and simple

    System length - 40cm
    Weight- optional 30-50g

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  • -10% Hair system with holders for fishing
    • On sale!

    Hair system with holders FL

    €3.60 -10% €4.00

    Hair system with buoy holders FL
    The hooks are attached to a strong braided line 20cm long.

    The set includes 6 welded hooks with hair system and a set of buoy holders.
    Available in 2, 4 or 6 hook sizes.
    Perfect for fishing for carp or other fish using the hair system.

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  • Hair system for fishing with grasses FL


    Hair system for grass fishing FL. This system is 20cm long, with 2 size hooks for fishing with buoys. The grass-covered line is camouflaged on the feeder and does not frighten approaching catches. Mostly used in carp fishing. Includes 2 hooks.

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