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  • Rod binder


    Rod binders are used to conveniently and securely bind fishing rods. The mint tie does not scratch the rods and is easy to put on and tighten.

    Length - 30cm

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    Braided MicroTex Dyneema 150m

    €6.03 -25% €8.04

    MicroTex Dyneema braided line is a new generation of low-cost, low-maintenance line made with Dyneema and micro-fibres of carbon fibre, which make the line more abrasion-resistant, extremely strong and drowning-proof. The line is green, 150m per roll.

    Length - 150m
    Different thicknesses available:

    0.08mm - 6kg
    0.10mm - 7kg
    0.12mm - 8.4kg
    0.14mm - 9kg
    0.16mm - 10.2kg
    0.18mm - 13.6kg
    0.20mm - 15.7kg
    0.22mm - 17.8kg
    0.25mm - 20.2kg
    0.28mm - 24.5kg
    0.30mm - 28.4kg
    0.35mm - 32.6kg
    0.40mm - 35.4kg

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  • Straw for fishing


    These straws are used in feeder systems. A shaker is suspended from the straw.
    The straw and the shaker are then free floating on the main reel. This prevents the system from becoming entangled.

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  • Square feeder "container" 20-120g


    Container feeder, metal, built-in spinner. Available in different weights. The bait is conveniently placed and well distributed in the fishing area.

    Different weights to choose from.

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  • Rod rack 85-150cm


    A metal rod holder with a pointed end that slides into the shore. The length of the holder is adjustable from 85cm to 150cm.
    The top rail is suitable for screwing in beacons or other holders.
    Colour may vary.

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  • -35% System for feeder fishing 20-70g
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    System for feeder fishing 20-70g

    €2.41 -35% €3.70

    The system is designed for feeder fishing. The system consists of a swivel with a sliding straw and a hook attached to the feeder. The hook is tied with a braided shank. The shaker can be unhooked and replaced. Simple, reliable system for feeder fishing.

    System weights can be selected from 20 to 70g.

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  • Spinning lure Savage Gear LB Cannibal Shad 10cm


    Savage Gear Craft Shad is a rubber, very realistic looking spinning lure. Thanks to its thin body, the lure is ideal for working in depth and current. The T-shaped tail, handmade details and paintwork will not let any predatory fish resist.

    Length - 10cm
    Weight- 9g

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    Stand for fishing rod 120cm


    Aluminium fishing rod stand. Length of fully extended holder 120cm. The rack fits and can be screwed in for a beacon or other fishing rod holder. Conveniently slides into the bank.
    Colour may vary

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  • Lead round for spin fishing 20-120g


    Lead round for fishing. With built-in spinner. Optional weight from 20 to 120 grams

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  • Fudo 4/0 headjoint


    Headhooks with a sharp and strong Fudo hook. Various weights, suitable for all soft silicone spinning lures.

    Size - 4/0
    Length - 4,5cm
    Available in 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 18g.

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  • Plum curl with thermocouple 2-20g


    Lead weight, suitable for both float and feeder fishing. The mat in the middle of the weight will allow the weight to slide freely on the shaft.

    Different weights available.

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  • Buoys Traper Method Feeder Pop Up 10mm


    Traper Method Feeder Pop Up - floating poles that have already earned a good reputation among anglers. Bream, tench, bream, carp and other fish eat the pop-ups greedily. Made from natural, high-quality materials, the buoys are distinguished by their buoyancy, variety of colours and flavours, and efficiency. Ideal for use with a hair system, method feeder or simple bottom fishing.

    Available in a choice of flavours.
    Size- 10mm

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  • Braided hooks with braided shank Jaxon Method Feeder


    Fishing hook Jaxon Method Feeder with hair system. The 8 hooks in the pack are immediately tied with a 0.12mm thick and 10cm long braided line. A metal spike with a snap hook is attached to the hooks, making it easy to pierce the line. The lure holds firmly and does not fall off when cast or retrieved. This system is ideal for fishing with POP UP lures. Very convenient and fast - everything is tied and packed.

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  • Expert open feeder L 30-80g


    4cm long open shaker from which the bait easily drops out and is dispersed in the area to be fished. Ideal for use with a variety of systems in bottom feeder fishing.

    Available in different weights.

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  • Round metal feeder


    Feeding trough, round, metal. Designed for feeder-baiting with various systems. Built-in swivel.

    Different weights available.

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  • Tungsten Nano-head 0,5g


    This is an ultra-lightweight Nano Jig weight, XUL for SUL enthusiasts. Designed for micro baits.

    Available in a choice of colours.
    Hook size - 12

    Weight- 0,5g

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  • Bait Traper Sekret 1kg - lynas/karos (marzipan)


    Traper Sekret Lin/Karas Marcepan - bait with a marzipan scent, green colour, oriented for catching tench and bream. A legendary bait, loved by anglers and proven in many fisheries!

    Weight - 1kg

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  • Feeder FL Competition Carp Feeder 3.30-3.90m up to 130g


    FL Competition Carp Feeder is a versatile rod with two different limbs. With one limb on, the rod becomes a great carp rod, while the interchangeable tip limb allows the rod to be used as a bottom feeder. The rod benefits from extra wide and robust carp rings. The width of the rings is much wider than normal, both at the start and at the tip of the rod. A great option if you don't want to spend extra money on separate rods for carp fishing and bottom feeder fishing.

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  • Flicker indicator - toadstool


    Vibration indicator plastic toadstool. A light or weight can be placed inside. Hangs on and tightens it. At the moment of a fish bite, it moves.

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  • -15% Braided line FL PE8X 125m
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    Braided line FL PE8X 125m

    €7.23 -15% €8.50

    FL PE8X is a strong, heavy-duty 8g reel, ideal for both spinning and feeder fishing. Black colour.

    Length - 125m
    Available in different thicknesses:

    0.08mm - 7.5kg
    0.10mm - 9.2kg
    0.12mm - 11.2kg
    0.14mm - 11.8kg
    0.16mm - 12.6kg
    0.18mm - 19.4kg
    0.20mm - 21.7kg
    0.22mm - 24.5kg
    0.28mm - 29.5kg

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