Spinner Akara Hornet Lite 3,5g

1-3 D.D.

Akara Hornet Lite, the classic elliptical petal twister, has some innovative solutions that have not yet been used on other models. The petal of the swivel is designed with a cylindrical curve. It is this curve that ensures almost perfect rotation and a rich underwater oscillation. The roughened surface of the core body provides additional water turbulence when the spinner is pulled, which can help to provoke a fish bite. The opening angle of the petal, the frequency of its rotation and the overall weight of this model allow the use of this spinnerbait both in still water and in rivers or small streams. The size and colours of the spinner are ideal for trout fishing. This lure is also eagerly taken by perch, chub, pike and other predators.

Weight - 3,5g
Length - 5,5cm

Pasirinkite norimą colour
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