Signalling set 3+1 Crystal RF698 with perimeter sounding | Fishing tackle
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Alarm set 3+1+1 Crystal with perimeter alarm RF698

Alarm set with perimeter alarm Crystal RF698 3+1+1

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Alarm set Crystal 3+1+1 RF698 with perimeter alarm.

Range up to 200m, vibration mode.
The alarms are rubber coated and 100% moisture and waterproof.
The alarms have a separate on-off lever.
There is a connector to which you can plug in the bite indicators/swings.
Attaches additional antennas to protect against crosswinds.
The volume, sensitivity and tone of the alarm can be adjusted. Silent mode can be activated.
Each alarm illuminates in different colours, which are reflected in the keypad at the moment of the bite.

The perimeter alarm protects your fishing rods from theft and unwanted guests. When the perimeter cylinder is activated and someone comes close to your fishing rods, the alarm starts playing and sends a signal to the walkie-talkie, which transmits a warning signal. Great for when fishing rods are left unattended.

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V - volume control
T - Tone control
S - sensitivity control
L - twilight light on/off
8 sound levels
5 sensitivity levels
8 different sound tones
Range - 200m
Material - super ABS plastic coated with "velvety" rubber, moisture and water resistant
Alarms have a separate on-off lever
Each beacon illuminates in different colours, which are reflected in the beacon at the moment of the strike


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