Jackall Deracoup Tail Spinner Momotora 7/10/14g

1-3 D.D.

Jackall Deracoup is one of the most abundant Tail Spinner lures on the market. Aggressive lure perfect for catching bass, sturgeon, pike and other predators. This lure can be dived to any desired depth. It can be cast to a precise distance. The centre of gravity of the bait is located at the front of the bait, so that as the bait descends to the feeder, the leaf of the bait rotates and provokes the bite of predators. This tailspinner can be jigged, trolled at a constant speed or with accelerations. The suction and vibration of the leaf will be felt through the tip of the spinner. This lure works not only during the season, but also well in the cold season. Tail Spinners are painted in provocative, fishy colours. They are fitted with a quality spinner at the end to ensure good leaf performance. The lure has large red eyes with a black dot glued on. Quality lure that attracts predators insanely well.

Available in different weights:
7g- 5,5cm
10g - 6,5cm
14g - 7cm

Colour - Momotora

Pasirinkite norimą weight
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