Roller FL Male 3D Line 150m

1-3 D.D.

FL Male 3D Line with exclusive 3D Camo technology for a camouflage colour that blends in perfectly with the environment. The random mixing of the four natural shades makes the line hard to spot for fish. The series is available in light-coloured camouflage, making it ideal for fishing in clear water. The line is elastic, strong, holds knots firmly and has low memory. Ideal for all-purpose fishing, it is most commonly used in feeder or carp fishing.

Length - 150m
Available in different thicknesses:

0,18mm - 6,18kg
0,20mm - 7,43kg
0,22mm - 9,02kg
0,25mm - 11,10kg
0,28mm - 12,86kg
0,30mm - 14,30kg
0,35mm - 19,61kg

Pasirinkite norimą thickness (mm)
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